Data Security

Data Security TrackThe last decade has seen an explosion of new kinds of economic and social activity through the internet and related information and communication technologies. Alongside huge benefits are huge threats. This track invites submissions in a wide range of interweaving themes including

Big Data – there has been a quantum shift in the data available to plan and manage business and civil society. For many years data mining has open up many commercial opportunities and allowed new kinds of smart systems. Crowd sourcing is a new phenomenon, as is challenge of managing self-organizing social behavior to induce or inhibit cascades.

Personal Privacy and Freedom of Information – never before has it been so easy to invade the privacy of individuals and leave indelible stains on their characters, whether deserved or not. Never before has it been so easy for indiscretions to become public and permanent. From cyberstalking to illegal government surveillance, individual privacy has never been so compromised. Open security cameras, car number plate recognition, and covert surveillance bring the Big Brother society closer than ever before.

Cybercrime – information and communications technologies provide the fundamental infrastructure of twenty first century life, but provide fantastic opportunities for criminals and miscreants. Malware and antivirus software co-evolve at a furious pace, in the context of machines designed with ‘backdoors’ with or without the encouragement of governments. Individuals assume their ‘money’ is safe in the bank and that their credit cards are protected against fraud, but how true is this?

National Security – has society become so dependent on the internet and informatics that it is brittle and liable to shatter? By design the internet itself is robust and can withstand attack, but is this a weakness rather than a strength? Is it true that the internet as a socio-technical system cannot be compromised? Could a country be taken over by a combination of military and Cyberforce? Could there be an Alpine Spring? Can social made undermine the legitimate government?