Smart Cities

Smart Cities TrackThe world is undergoing a major transition – increasing urbanization. 54% of the global population now lives in cities. Generally this is associated with increased prosperity and economic growth, cities face a number of significant challenges.

Climate change is driving cities towards lower carbon ways of living and adapting to extreme weather events. Severe wealth inequalities persist. Unemployment can be high and health outcomes can be poor. Cities need to improve how they manage resources, including energy, housing, transport, water. Smart Cities use information and communications technologies to address such challenges.

We invite papers on Smart Cities in general, and on related specific themes, including:

Infrastructure – water, waste, energy, transport, … . How will new technology and ways of working be developed to transform these into new intelligent systems that make our urban centres work and improve standards of living?

Partnerships –smart city developments involve working in partnership with multiple actors including governments, local authorities, utility firms, ICT providers, universities and others. What is the nature of such partnerships? How are they developed? How are effective, efficient and legitimate partnerships created and maintained?

Policy – smart city technology is embedded in policy . In which arenas are smart city policies made? Have new arenas been created for this purpose? Will inter-jurisdictional policy making be required. How might this proceed and be encouraged?

Economics and finance – many smart city developments have been initiated through public funding, which presumes market and/ or institutional failures. Beyond this, what might the future hold? Will finance be available for smart city developments? Who pays for smart city developments? Who benefits from smart city developments?

Service innovation – smart city developments will enable new services, e.g. innovations such as car clubs. What might this involve? How might it be managed? What policies are required to create the right environment for such innovation?